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Monday, August 22, 2016

Perk up with Paint and a Giveaway

In these trying economic times, why not find your inner "Suzelle" and attempt a bit of DIY.  

It’s no secret: one of the easiest, cheapest ways to redecorate is to repaint. And now that most of us are feeling the pinch, it’s an even more attractive option.
Maybe you’re parents-to-be preparing a nursery, perhaps your teen is “so over” the kiddie colours on his bedroom wall, or you could be looking to freshen up your living room/lighten a pokey bathroom/add joy to your kitchen – whatever your décor dilemma, a fresh coat of paint is a great option.

Here are three innovations that will help:

1. Choosing the right paint colour is seriously hard. For some of us it’s impossible to imagine a room we’re used to seeing in one colour, dressed in a different hue. The great news is there are apps for that! Both of our favourites let you take a photo of the room you plan to redecorate, and then try different paint colours on the walls (or cupboards, or whatever you want to paint). The Dulux Visualizer lets you “see your own room in any colour, live”. House Painter is similar (it cleverly works out what is wall, what is décor, what is a picture, and paints around it). Both apps are free, and they can save your money, time, and the misery of a bad colour choice.

2. Once you’ve chosen your colour, you might still be hesitating, wishing you could splash out on some wallpaper instead. Wallpaper’s popularity has exploded, but it is significantly more expensive than paint and, to be honest, the hassle-factor is huge. Good news! Stencils can give you the same effect at a fraction of the cost. (Have a look at – they have the largest selection of stencils in SA and some amazing options for look-alike-wallpaper. If you’re in Cape Town, visit their store at the V&A Watershed for advice and inspiration.)

3. Wait! Before you paint that wall, you need to know about the third innovation that has South African home owners rejoicing. Believe it or not, redecorating your home can also rid it of creepy crawlies. Vital Protection AM3 is revolutionary paint additive that when mixed with any water-based internal or external paint, provides real protection and repellency against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Say goodbye to fleas, flies, ants, spiders and mozzies. Simply add a sachet of Vital Protection AM3 to five litres of water-based paint and once you’ve applied it, voila! You have long-lasting effective protection for up to 36 months. It’s safe to use even in a baby’s bedroom. Vital Protection AM3 is available online at or from Build It Hermanus, The Paintsmiths in Paarl and selected Overberg Agri Outlets.

Thanks to Vital Protection, I have a hamper to giveaway on a lucky draw basis. All you need to do is email me your contact details and your name will go into the hat. Competition closes on Monday 29 August. 

The hamper includes 100ml AM2 spray on (R108), 220ml AM2 spray on (R198), 1litre AM2 spray (R599) and Falke socks (R70). The value of the hamper is R1024.00.  

Hamper contents

AM2 (1l) Spray On
A product which provides all the benefits of Vital Protection in an easy to use textile spray application. Vital Protection AM2 is a safe and easy to use pump action spray. Applicable to a wide range of fabrics and products, for example sleeping bags and other camping equipment, sport and outdoor clothing, mosquito nets and home textiles.

AM2 (100ml, 200ml and 1litre) Spray On
A product which provides all the benefits of Vital Protection in an easy to use textile spray application. Vital Protection AM2 is a safe and easy to use pump action spray. Applicable to a wide range of fabrics and products, for example sleeping bags and other camping equipment, sport and outdoor clothing, mosquito nets and home textiles.
Clean and effective application.
Ensure item is clean and dry.
Holding bottle around 40cm away, spray evenly until fabric is moist.
Allow item to air dry or you may tumble dry*.
Once fully dried the process is complete!
*Depending on the care instructions of the item

Falke InsectPro Tech Hiking Socks
Falke Hiking Socks provide total performance and protection against insect and tick bites that lasts through 30 launderings! By combining Insect Pro Tech process that embeds a formulation of Vital Protection to woolen fibres, Falke Insect Pro-Tech creates a barrier from annoying and potentially dangerous insects Available in Navy, Grey & Black.

So don't delay - email today

Till next time

Sharon x

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Riverside Retreat

When I feel like escaping from the daily grind of lunchboxes, laundry and school lifts, but I can't  physically run away, I resort to a mental escape instead. Here is a place that I could very happily spend some time out in. Based in the Frio Canyon area of Texas, USA, this home has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and has the added benefit of being right on the Frio River.  

The stone homestead has a rustic, country feel, with contemporary touches that keep it up to date. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere, with loads of natural light. 

The white painted high ceilings prevent the rustic beams from becoming oppressive and create a beautiful backdrop for the eclectic light fixtures. 

There is a little area is to the right of the fireplace perfect for board games and beer.

Looking through the living room towards the kitchen....

...and the dining room on the right.

A beautiful open space, perfect for casual living and entertaining.

I love the extra large kitchen island that could easily accommodate a whole bevy of family and  friends prepping meals and chatting. 

Below is the separate scullery area.

The bedrooms are a great combination of luxury and simplicity.

There are mezzanine loft areas in 2 of the bedrooms for extra sleeping quarters. Very clever for accommodating families.

An outdoor shower adds to the bathroom options.

The open plan living area flows seamlessly onto the large enclosed patio which has a built in barbeque at one end and fireplace at the other.

And finally the beautiful river setting - perfect for gazing into the distance, enjoying the peace and quiet, the only sound to disturb the stillness would be the gentle sipping on a G&T!

Ok, after that bit of time out, I'm ready to return to life and laundry.

Till next time

Sharon x

Architects: Shiflet Group Architects
Interior Design: Blair Burton 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Lust for Linen

I have always championed crisp white cotton bed linen with as high a thread count as your budget can stretch to. But I have to confess to having lustful thoughts of late. I blame Pinterest! I did a search on pure linen bed linen and I've now become smitten with the idea.

There is something about it that oozes lived-in luxury, crumpled elegance, laid back style and faded glamour that I am finding irresistible.  One enthusiastic pinner compared sleeping in a bed with linen sheets to floating on a cloud, wrapped in cashmere! Well, wouldn't we all like to be doing that!

It conjures up ideas in my head of lazy lie-in's, breakfast in bed, snuggling with kids and dogs and husbands (well maybe just one husband). Relaxed living at it's best. I wonder if I succumb to some of this linen whether I will start getting breakfast in bed?

The thing that I'm not so sure about is this - if I get some for my bed - will it look like these beautiful, stylized, artfully creased and crumpled images, or will it just look like I'm a bit of a slag that couldn't be bothered to make my bed properly?  

It definitely isn't a neat and crisp bedroom look.

And if I indulge, do I stick to white or should I choose some of the gorgeous pastels, greys and naturals instead?

 It seems that there are more questions than answers!

Thoughts please.....

Till next time

Sharon x

Monday, July 18, 2016

About Time - Daniel Wellington

My High School English teacher always used to quote this line from an Andrew Marvell's poem ....

But at my back I always hear

Time's wingèd chariot hurrying near ... 

The late Mr Marvell clearly had quite a romantic view of time, picturing it as a "wingèd chariot".  I see it more as a great big armoured truck, bullying me through the day.  

I always seem to feel rushed and pressured, glancing at my watch 100 times a day. It's not something I'm proud of, but it is what it is and it's not likely to change until my children leave home. What I have decided, though, is if I'm going to look at my watch that often, it better be a good looking watch! And that is where Daniel Wellington comes into the picture.

I was lucky enough to receive one of their elegant watches recently and I couldn't be happier. It is everything I love in a watch. Classic, slim-lined, with a simple white face, a rose-gold casing and a brown leather strap. Perfection!

The style I chose is called the Dapper St Mawes, but I would have been happy with any of the other styles as well. There are choices of rose gold or silver casings and black, dark or lighter brown leather straps.

There is also the stripey Nato strap where you can have interchangeable versions. I was quite drawn to this style thinking it would be great for when I play tennis or go sailing. But then, I remembered that I don't actually do those things. It is very appealing, though. Maybe I should take up tennis again, just for the watch!

The brand is equally appealing to men and women and is available in a few different size faces.

IF YOU are interested in purchasing a daniel wellington watch, visit their website. roses and rust readers qualify for a 15% discount valid until 31 august. so don't delay. WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE WATCHES UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

 Use the discount code: rosesDW

 If you would like to see the watches up close and personal

here is the store locator link

Till next time
Sharon x